PT. Tribhakti Inspektama was established in 1989, focusing in Marine Inspection jobs, with more than 25 years of experiences from the utmost professional expert of manpower in their field, TRIBHAKTI is expanding itself to the Coal & Mineral mining sectors to provide Inspection, Superintending, Verification and Certification services as well as the laboratory analysis, to create the accurate and reliable results within the most efficient timeline. Being one of the rising surveying company in Indonesia, our comprehensive local knowledge is another essential factors which enable us to assist all players in this mining sector to minimize the investment and trading risk by providing our professional services in each stage and process of your business. At the exploration stage, TRIBHAKTI offer a wide range of geological services including preliminary stage, resources & reserves calculation, mine planning & mine design, as well as environmental analysis. Our geological team will provide related information from survey & studies to help you in making a feasible investment. For the starting of the operating mines, TRIBHAKTI can provide dedicated onsite laboratories to assist you in mapping the variation of the quality to explore the potential of your products, which will leads to a cost-effective production plan. Our inspection and superintending services that equipped by sophisticated laboratory instruments enable us to guard the quality of the commodities (coal & other minerals) you are trading with. Our utmost Independency, Accuracy, Professionalism & Reliability in providing the results will be our value to deliver our services to you.


To be the most leading inspection & laboratory services company with utmost professionalism in the mining & energy business sector.


To provide the trusted, independent, accurate and timely services in the inspection & laboratory services which also fulfills the safety & environmental aspects for the mining & energy business sector.